August 21st Edition: Why Does No One Ever Tell You How Brilliant Ageing Can Be?

Make New Friends (And Keep The Old). Meritocracy’s Miserable Winners.

August 20th Edition: Silicon Valley’s Crisis of Conscience

The Barbaric History of Sugar in America. The Weaponisation of Information Is Mutating at Alarming Speed.

August 19th Edition: What Makes People Charismatic, and How You Can Be, Too

Stop Apologizing For Being Yourself. The American Aristotle.

August 18th Edition: How to Grow Old

The 25 Most Important Characters of the Past 25 Years. How to Make the Right Connections When You Don’t Already Have an “In”.

August 17th Edition: The Three Words That Can Save Your Life

How the Invention of Spreadsheet Software Unleashed Wall Street on the World. Confessions of a Failed Self-Help Guru.

August 16th Edition: How to Be Happy when Everyone Else’s Life Looks Perfect

The most popular stories on Pocket this week

August 16th Edition: This Is What It’s Like to Be Obsessed with Perfection

The most popular stories on Pocket this week

August 15th Edition: Why Stress Is Dangerous - and How to Avoid Its Effects

WeWork IPO Shows It’s the Most Magical Unicorn. Danish Bank Launches World’s First Negative Interest Rate Mortgage.

August 14th Edition: Leave the Office on Time and Don’t Take Your Work Home

Is Cleaning Your Ears With Cotton Swabs Really That Dangerous? The World’s Wealthiest Family Gets $4 Million Richer Every Hour.

August 13th Edition: Tourism Is Eating the World

The Phony Patriots of Silicon Valley. This Is Why Your Startup Will Fail.

August 12th Edition: The Desirability of Storytellers

Kids Aren't Playing Enough Sports. The Culprit? Cost. Epstein Suicide Conspiracies Show How Our Information System Is Poisoned.

August 11th Edition: How Social Media Shapes Our Identity

The Hoarding of the American Dream. The Fate of the World’s Largest ETF Is Tied to 11 Random Millennials.

August 10th Edition: The Techlash Has Come to Stanford

Chill Out! The 10 Rules for a Perfect Fridge. How Friendships Change in Adulthood.

August 9th Edition: Our Brains Tell Stories So We Can Live

I Tried Hiding From Silicon Valley in a Pile of Privacy Gadgets. The Two Things Killing Your Ability to Focus.

August 9th Edition: This Is Where Your Childhood Memories Went

The most popular stories on Pocket this week

August 8th Edition: Why You Should Have (at Least) Two Careers

Five Ways to Form a Good Habit That Sticks. Nicolas Cage on Acting, Philosophy and Searching for the Holy Grail.

August 7th Edition: I’ve Seen the Limits of Journalism

How Much Traffic Do Uber and Lyft Cause? Want to Be Super Successful? Science Says Do Any 1 of These 10 Things.

August 6th Edition: The Hypersane Are Among Us, If Only We Are Prepared to Look

To Be Happier at Work, Invest More in Your Relationships. To Cheat and Lie in L.A.

August 5th Edition: How Mosquitoes Changed Everything

Amazon Ruined Online Shopping. On the Beat with Harper Lee.

August 4th Edition: The Trick That Makes You Overspend

To Delay Death, Lift Weights. Look at the Mueller Report as a Detective Story. It Will Blow Your Mind.